Rat Scabies – Chew On You (Cleopatra Records)

Whilst The Damned ride the number 7 position in the UK charts with their highly polished album produced by Tony Visconti, former drummer Rat Scabies is preparing to release his debut album at the ripe young age of 62. With his ex-bandmates opting for sheen, Mr. Scabies takes the filthy, garage punk and blues route with the single Chew On You from the forthcoming P.H.D. (Prison, Hospital, Debt) long player.

Was Mr. Scabies ever gonna go quietly, rocking in an armchair with his pipe and slippers; telling the youngsters about how things were in his day? Was he fuck! Chew On You is a dirty slice of rock ‘n’ roll that half-inches the Spirit In The Sky riff, regurgitates it from the LSD induced hippies, and spits it back out covered in phlegm and amphetamines to the punks. Whilst some chin stroking (outside of the hardcore) greeted the new output from Vanian, Sensible and co, Scabies’ efforts are lean, mean, loud, riotous and rotten to the core; i.e. just how how this scribe likes it.

P.H.D. lands on 18th May 2018 and whilst it’s not destined to bother the Hit Parade, it promises to be an uncompromising assault on your aural senses. Rat’s coming to Stab Your Back again. You have been warned. Ginge Knievil

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