Ramoms / Dad Brains – Merryxmas Split 7” (Pirates Press)

Hot damn, it’s a two way punk rock parent dance for all of the Christmas goodies as Dad Brains and Ramoms go head to head on their new Yuletide split bonanza. Dad Brains open proceedings with their dual Hardcore assault of It’s Christmas Time and Grinch, a couple of high speed tunes that pay homage to classic Suicidal Tendencies and Youth of Today and bemoan, and celebrate, the lot of punk rocks dads when the festive season hits.

Snapping at their heels are the Ramoms who, in case you haven’t already guessed, are all about continuing the legacy of the Bruddah’s from Queens and deliver their own odes (including a tune that any, and all, of you Ramones fans are more than familiar with) to Santa’s favourite holiday in frantic and ridiculously catchy 1,2,3,4 fashion. You’ll buy Merryxmas for the Dad Brains*, but you’ll stay for the Ramoms. Merry Punkmas one and all… Tim Cundle

*Because they rule.

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