CJ Ramone – Christmas Lullaby 7” (Fat Wreck)

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I get it. Everybody wants to release a Christmas song or album because it’s the one time of the year when we all let our guards down and are actually happy to break bread with each other. It’s the seasonal equivalent of taking a holiday in DisneyWorld; it brings out the best in everyone. But while I get it, for the most part I’m kind of ambivalent about the whole festive tune thing and everybody who lines up to do it. But CJ Ramone isn’t everybody and when he plugs in, tunes up and gets ready to play or releases a record, I’m one of the first cats ready and waiting in line to listen. Because he’s CJ Ramone. He’s the real deal, an honest to goodness, die hard punk rocker who brings the thunder each and every single time he straps on his four string sonic rumble hammer and steps up to the microphone. And, yeah, because he was in the Ramones*

Besides, if you’re going to write a Christmas song, this is how it should be done. Christmas Lullaby i sa catchy as all hell power pop classic that harks back to the heyday of CJ’s former unit. If you’re going to be forced to sing an Xmas song at some family function or other during the Yuletide celebrations, then this is the tune you should be belting out. Not content with making Xmas a little more punk rock, CJ then slams his way through an amped version of the Kinks Father Christmas which thanks to a little Ramones magic manages to outstrip the original. Looks like Christmas came early this year, so turn the volume up and have damn fine time with the baddest Bruddah in the world. Semper fi CJ, semper fi…. Tim Cundle

*Yeah, I saw him play the Ramones, I’m that old. It was awesome. But you knew that already didn’t you? Because it was a Ramones show.

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