Ragweed – Parerga


Ragweed – Parerga (S-a-N-PR)
This 3 piece sludge band from Brighton are straight from the grunge era of the 90’s with influences of Mudhoney, Fugazi and Paw (remember them?) just downright dirty and yes, sludgetastic. The songs have a great dirty bass sound and brutal guitar work. I did expect the vocals to a bit gruffer when I first listened but they work really well against the loud and aggressive music.
The songs are very well thought out, they sound simple and raw but excellent. Being a 3 piece they have recorded like they would sound live, with no guitar overdubs on the solo parts. What you hear is what you get, no fancy recording here, just raw as you can get it which is perfect for them.
From the opening track “Black & Scaly” to the short “George Moshington” and every track in between we get a ferocious, no nonsense 7 tracks, with “Gun Fever” being my favourite, as I get to hear the gruff vocals I wanted. This one has great changes within the song bordering on metal/punk and I have to mention the discord moments in the end track mentioned above… fantastic.
The only downside to this is that there are only 7 songs because I wanted, no needed more. Paul Hoddy

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