Pryti – Tales Of A Melancholic


Pryti – Tales Of A Melancholic (self release)
This new album from Pryti is all the work of a singer/songwriter from Birmingham, it says (and I quote) “Pooling from the emotional heavy groove of the Deftones and the contagious appeal of Paramore”. Now I have a few issues with this bold statement: 1 – It sounds nothing like Deftones and 2 – It sounds nothing like Paramore. So what does it sound like, well, very boring to be honest. I remember listening to John Peel one time when he played a song, wrongly, on 33 and a third, very slow and realised half way through and speeded it up to 45, that is how I feel about Pryti, each song sounds very similar and in need of winding up to stop it being tedious. I admire that she wrote, sang, played Guitar and Bass on all songs but it’s just not for me. Paul Hoddy

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