Probation – Fucked by Life (WTF Records)

The next time some self-righteous croc wearing, six months served scene “veteran” with a plaited beard and a sleeve full of nautical tattoo’s starts lecturing you on the separatist nature of Hardcore and the virtues of isolating bands in sub-genres, tell him to shut the fuck up, knock him on his arse and then stand over him waving Fucked by Life in his face while screaming “Bullshit, you need some Probation in your life sunshine”. See, Probation don’t believe in any of that scene separation nonsense. They’re a one for and all for one, head on collision of Tragedy, Grief and early Biohazard and Fucked by Life brings everything that these guy grew up listening too to the table and throws it all into one glorious Hardcore melting pot and the end product, well, for want of a better description, it’s NYHC D-Beat.  It breaks down Cappo’s walls, encourages you to fight the system and proves once and for all that Hardcore is universal.  This is what unity sounds like. And it is glorious…  Tim Cundle

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