Harley Flanagan – Hard-Core: Dr. Know EP (MVD)

Few people in the Hardcore scene are as divisive as Harley Flanagan. Everyone knows his story and most folks are aware, in some way or other, of the long-running and ongoing dispute between the members of the Cro-Mags. But no matter which, or whose, side of the argument you’re on, or how you feel about him, there’s no denying that Harley has a knack for writing punchy, no-nonsense, energy riddled, memorable, up-tempo songs that personify mid-eighties NYHC.  And the six tracks on this EP, that was written, recorded and released as a benefit to help Dr Know from the Bad Brains cover his medical bills, capture Harley at his finest and at the height of his creative curve. Angry, fast and infused with the kind of instantly catchy choruses that most bands would kill to be able to write, Hard-Core doesn’t fuck around or outstay its welcome, it just gets straight to the point and down to business. And, ladies and gentlemen, business is good…  Tim Cundle

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