Primal Rite – Sensory Link to Pain 7” (Revelation Records)


One of the things that sucks the most about reaching middle age is that it’s difficult (and by difficult, I mean nigh on impossible) to keep track of all of the up and coming, happening bands in the scene. But the age thing is also a double edged sword, as it means it’s infinitely cooler when you stumble across bands that, when you hear them for the first time, make your jaw hit the floor and  want to bust out all of your best, and barely remembered, pit moves.  Primal Rite are one of those bands, and the three slabs of high energy, Negative Approach meets Terror Hardcore on Sensory Link to Pain had me finger pointing and attempting to dance, without doing myself a serious middle aged mischief, in the same care free fashion that I did twenty years ago.  Damn these guys are good. They’re really, really good… Tim Cundle

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