Our Lives in Music… The Parallax Method

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Danny Beardsley – Guitar

Venus Isle – Eric Johnson This album blew my mind. The melody, the tones, the sheer musical ability. I never get tired of this album! My obsession over guitar tone is heavily influenced by this album.

Fire Garden – Steve Vai Discovering this album was a real game changer for me as a guitar player. The idea of having such vast repertoire in a single album inspired me and helped shape my outlook on songwriting.

Good Apollo, I\’m Burning Star IV, Volume One – Coheed and Cambria This album helped my understanding of album based concepts. Harmony and Song structure are two main ingredients I have gained from studying this album carefully. A work of art!

Ben Edis – Bass

S.C.I.E.N.C.E. – Incubus I got into Incubus around the time when I was first learning bass and I was so influenced by the bass lines on this album. Dirk Lance has had been a huge inspiration to my approach to the bass ever since.

Blood Sugar Sex Magik – Red Hot Chili Peppers Hearing this album is one of the reasons why I decided to learn to play the bass.

Nighthawks at the Diner – Tom Waits Tom Waits is one of my all-time favourite musicians and this album has always spoken to me.

Dave Wright – Drums

A Sense of Purpose – In Flames  Although their previous album Come Clarity was my first real introduction to the heavier side of music, this album really nailed it for me, I don\’t skip a single track on this one! In Flames were really the band that opened my eyes to great guitar harmonies and huge sounding vocals.

Periphery II – Periphery   I was recommended this band with no real previous experience with bands like this, or progressive music full stop! This album is full of technical wizardry and some of the catchiest chorus\’ in modern metal. This band perfectly blends an incredibly talented line up with exceptional song writing.

Sound Awake – Karnivool Whilst I\’m normally a fan of more up tempo music, this album is beautifully subtle and has possibly my all-time favourite mix. The drum sound is phenomenal! There is so much space in this album, is almost as much about notes what they don\’t play as what they actually do.

The one we all agree on:

Hand.Cannot.Erase – Steve Wilson Superb song writing, impeccable production and a power house of musicians including Guthrie Govan! After a live show this is our ‘Sign off album’. We load the car, set the Sat Nav and head off home analysing this masterpiece.

The Parallax Method release their new EP, The Squid, on May 12th.


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