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Metallica – Black Album No words can precisely describe this album…one hit after the other wrapped in flawless production. Especially when we saw the making of video, we got seduced by the great production and direct songwriting. It has enormously affected on how we deal with the composition of our music and our sound in general.

System Of A Down – Toxicity Unique. What has mostly affected us from this album is its unconventional songwriting and all that raw energy. It made us want to write songs with unusual parts that change rapidly while delivering a strong message to the listener.

Limp Bizkit – Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water One of the albums that the whole band enjoys at all levels. Drums, bass, guitars, vocals – everything just as it should be.

Slipknot – Iowa It shook the earth beneath our feet! It made us want to be better at what we do and how to channel all of our energy on stage.

Katatonia – Viva Emptiness Hello darkness my old friend…Viva Emptiness is one of the main influences regarding most of the melodies of our first and second album. This dark atmosphere and heartbreaking lyrics brought the winter in our music.

Alice In Chains – Facelift Clearly our favorite grunge band. What an amazing album!

Rage Against The Machine – S/T  We consider this album a seminar – the sound, the compositions, its artwork and everything about it. A perfect example of how the bass and drums should play and sound like, as well as, the fact that the guitars sound so much clearer if you slightly lower the gain and play like a complete lunatic.

Opeth – Damanation We love this album so much that we strongly believe it should be as well known as the Dark Side Of The Moon of Pink Floyd. It has greatly influenced us on how we treat our more melodic compositions.

Tool – Lateralus No comments!

Porcupine Tree – In Absentia One of the albums that we always listen to when we are on the road touring. Its hypnotizing atmosphere is captivating from the first note and it has greatly influenced us on how \”open\” we are with our music.

Maplerun release ‘Partykrasher’ on 28th April.



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