One Great Night at PK’s Roadhouse


Bands I caught-
1st Pull Punch n Pray (one song)
2nd band Wet Brain
Headlining MOFOS
Location: PK’s Roadhouse in Lake Elsinore California OR THE ARMPIT OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
DATE- Oct 24 2015
I was already frazzled from not getting some stuff done that day and showing up late to this show. But I thought “Ehh biker bar, it aint gonna be shit anyways”. I could not have been more wrong! I got there and as I walked in said “Hi” to a group of punks going in and they got my attitude going up already with the vibe and interaction. I was smoking and trying to figure out who was gonna buy my bands merch to get me in and one of the Guitarists of Wet Brain stuck me as his plus one….SCORE!!! FREE MERCH TIL IT’S GONE!!! I got my stamp and handed out all my bands shirts (about 10) I am feeling great and walk in with great sounding music on stage fast, crisp, clear and in your face, what else could you want? I start watching and feel great when “AHHH MAN” they are done. Check them out everyone I will be setting up shows with these guys soon. Fairly new band (less than 5 years together) so the world must get ready for Pull Punch and Pray.
Next up is WET BRAIN and, no, just because they got me in the show doesn’t mean I’m gonna be nice!!! I LOVE RAGGING ON FRIENDS THE MOST!!!


So here we go
WET BRAIN– I fucking love these guys, holy shit it’s a night of great music without a dud…BEER ME I AM HAPPY!!! The band plays tight and the crowd was into it as a drunk BRAH (A term for a type of guy out here who isn’t my fav for sure) kept falling on spilt beer and flipping off the crowd. Usually that says game on to me….Tonight though, it was just pure energy without hate. Wet Brain love their Booze and coming from all over SoCal they gave these drunks a show that reminded me of Local Greats ON-TAP with the lyrics of drinking and with the perfectly timed playing. 3 of them trade off singing duties and it works well. As they finished their set the singer of BDSM came on and did a song with them find my facebook page or go see one of the two bands involved in this songs page. I give Wet Brain 3 of 4 stars and have to admit they do drunk punk proper and make it fun as fuck!!!
OH DAMN IT’S THE BAND OF THE NIGHT COMING ON…..the crowd is drunk and the energy feels like I’ts gonna be messy and BAM it starts…


…From the first note Drunk Women and a blow up doll with a dick were going like the Junkies that make Lake Elsinore such a great quaint town that just a century ago was a premiere place for the elite to vacation and today is where you can get the premier bathtub Dope ha,ha,ha,ha.  As I listen to this band that sings about debauchery as well as any band (tis my forte) I do a double take the Sister (nun) Bess Grotesque got knocked up when Father Grim was on a huge sacramental wine drinking binge and mistook her for an altar boy. A great cover of FUK SHIT UP by Blatz was my favorite song of their set. With whips n blow up dolls, dildos and a huge penis beer bong they took this night and impregnated it too. I highly recommend the bands tonight, so make sure you slip them in to your regular playlist and enjoy SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUNK!!!
Your DADDY DIRTBAG Thanks you and find me on FB I would love to talk to each and every one of you

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