Oldfashioned Ideas – Still Worth Fighting For (Contra)

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Back in the mists of time, when I was still finding my feet in the punk scene, Oldfashioned Ideas would have been, somewhat unfairly, called an Oi band. Don’t get me wrong, there’s an element of the boisterous old Oi attitude in their sound and while it’s nice to hear a nod to the past, Oldfashioned Ideas have their gaze fixed firmly on the horizon and the future.  Combining the Business and Loikamie’s knack for writing instantly catchy sing-a-longs with The Bruisers ability to crank out rock’n’roll classics, Oldfashioned Ideas play drinking music for thinking punks who enjoy hanging out and having a good time with their friends while trying to come up with a solution for all of the worlds ills. And the more I listen to Still Worth Fighting For, the better it gets. Raise your glass and embrace Oldfashioned Ideas… Tim Cundle

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