Reverend Horton Heat – Whole New Life (Victory)

Well I’ll be an alligators uncle, the Reverend has just gone and slapped the taste out of my mouth with his newest, latest rockabllified sermon that glorifies the power of amplification and the sheer, unadulteratedjoy of rock’n’roll. Praise the Les Paul, and thank Jeebers that the Reverend’s unswerving dedication to good old fashioned rock and roll hasn’t faltered andthat he hasn’t been tempted away from the path of righteousness and faith in sex, liquor and the music that’ll save your soul; rock and roll. With eleven new chapters in his good book, including an arse whoppin’ version of Viva Las Vegas, Reverend Horton Heat has turned his back on the digital age and ensured that there is at least one thing in this taste forsaken world that you, me and everyone else can still depend on. And that ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls is that the Reverend continues to bring the heat and has turned the good times up to eleven on Whole New Life. Testify Reverend, testify… Tim Cundle

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