No Lives –Violent Side EP (Self)

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There’s something very cool happening in Long Island at the moment, and while I have no idea what they’re drinking, what drugs they’re taking or what chemicals are leaking into the local food chain or contaminating the atmosphere, I want some of whatever it is. No Lives are the second band from LI that I’ve been torn a new cornhole by in as many weeks, and if this EP is anything to go by, seeing these guys live just made my bucket list. It’s kinda fitting that the six tracks on Violent Side close out with a cover of Avail’s Simple Song, as No Lives sound like Richmond’s favourite sons would have done if they’d emerged from the early eighties West Coast Hardcore scene and had been raised solely on a musical diet of The Queers and The Ramones.  Yeah, No Lives are that good. Like I said, I don’t know what magic beans or potions are doing the rounds in Long Island at the moment, but I whatever it is, I got to get me some. No Lives are, as my old pal George Tabb likes to say about all of the finer things in life, punk rock…  Tim Cundle

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