Nicotine Pretty – Real Life Glories (Glunk Records)

I’ll be damned, if this isn’t the catchiest shit I’ve heard in ages. With previous form in bands including the sorely missed The Sick Livers, this four piece from Bridgend in South Wales, deliver a whole lot of whoa, whoa’s and guitar licks to absolutely die for. This is power punk at its finest.

The classic rock n roll riffage opening of Bygone Boy explodes from the speakers, with frontman Ginge Knievil’s Iggy Pop meets John Reis vocal style taking centre stage. More gorgeous guitar work, the sort James Dean Bradfield and Richey Edwards used to create in their sleep, brings in Bad Whiskey  while the rumbling bass and drums provide the undercurrent for some soul searching in the quite epic Over The Edge. The band’s mission statement is next with the anthemic Nicotine Pretty and their advice to you is “Life is like a cigarette-smoke ‘til you burn.”  The band round things off with Ginge asking Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?  to a thumping background that lies somewhere between The Beach Boys and Guns N’ Roses.

And that’s it-6 tracks of good honest rock n’ roll/power punk played with an enthusiasm I’ve not heard in years. Recent praise from their peers in The Wildhearts will surely do them no harm being one of the best examples of this genre. But make no mistake Nicotine Pretty on this form, are hot on their heels. The songs leap out of the speakers and force you to sing along and you can’t help but feel better for hearing this record…Chris Andrews

Pre-order starts on September 23rd, so head here and get down and Pretty.

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