Deathtraps – Gotta Get Some (Self)

Imagine, if you will its 1975 and a certain Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister” has just been booted from British progsters Hawkwind and finds himself in New York. Meanwhile in Queens, Joey Ramone has decided he wants to form a band and is looking for a bass player, that’s not another one of his brothers. In steps Lemmy and BOOM, the magic happens. Okay, it’s a bit exaggerated but that other worldly collaboration is the sound that Newport scumbags Deathtraps have pulled off.

Twelve tracks of dirty abrasive punk n’ roll kick off with Automatic Thrill a punk rock sing-along in the vein of The Wildhearts. Lyrics like “I’m a fucked up genius” are aimed at rock’s wasted talent in Track Marks and Lullabies, before things slow down, comparatively for Get Loose, a song to swing your hips too in the pit. For me the highlight of the album is Bored of You, which once again showcases the band’s penchant for a clever lyric with anecdotes such as “I’d rather be a misfit than be part of this shit” which pepper the entire album. Things get sleazy with Teenage Knife Crime a track absolutely dripping with attitude. The Death of Rock N’ Roll is a barnstorming chaotic finish to the album which ends in a crescendo of noise, much as I imagine the live set would.

Their difficult second album has proved to be anything but as Gotta Get Some puts the band right up there with the likes of Zeke and I’m looking forward to seeing the Deathtraps chaps spitting these tracks at me in a greasy dive somewhere.… Chris Andrews

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