Natterers –Head In Threatening Attitude (Boss Tuneage)

The first time Natterers damn near tore my head off was when my old band played a show with them nearly two years ago and they absolutely destroyed just about every other act on the bill that night. Named after a species of bat, Natterers are a punk rock whirlwind, a musical tsunami that sweeps everyone and anyone they come into contact with off their feet with their sharp, short, focused and insanely catchy brand of punk rock.  The sum of their influences, namely Dead Kennedys, Vice Squad, Night Birds and the Big Boys, Natterers don’t take any prisoners and go for the throat with each and every one of the fourteen viciously intelligent and powerful anthems on Head In Threatening Attitude.  I could wax superlative about Natterers all day and every day, but they deserve so much more than the empty platitudes of jaded and cynical old hacks like yours truly. They’re probably, and when I say probably I of course mean almost certainly, one of the most magnetic and powerful punk bands to have emerged from the desolate shores of the UK in the last half decade. Remember when punk rock used to be a threat and used to have an underlying sense of danger and excitement? Natterers do and they’re here to bring all of that back and help make punk rock cool again.  Be hip, be cool and get down with Natterers… Tim Cundle

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