Under – Stop Being Naïve (APF Records)

Let’s get one thing straight right from the start. Most people will never play an Under record  as long as they draw breath. They’ll ignore them and pass them by as their everyday mind-set that’s fixated on soap operas, reality television and wasting the moments between seconds that countdown to individual extinction just can’t, and won’t, understand Under. Heck, the chances are that you won’t want to listen to Under but, trust me, you need to.  They’re not the kind of band that are ever going to threaten best-selling artist lists and they’re certainly never going to get rich doing what they do, but that’s not the point with these chaps.

See, I don’t think Under want to play Under’s music. They don’t want to play it, they need to play it. Something deep inside them makes them write this music and that thing that makes them do it is the same thing that makes their audience listen to them. That thing, the scratching voice that tickles the back of your mind when you’re asleep and the dull whisper that tries to make you do the bad things when you’re awake, is the omnipresent spectre that ensures that all roads lead to Under.

Drunkenly balancing on the thin line that separates order and chaos, Under approach metal with an Albini-esque regard for form and structure, and owe as much to the back catalogues of Amphetamine Reptile and Touch and Go as they do Man’s Ruin and Earache’s formative years. If the Jesus Lizard devoted their souls to Yog-Sottoth and composed a litany of dirges and hymns dedicated to their new master after being taught musical theory by The Locust, Melvins and Mike Patton, they’d probably sound like Under.  At least they would if Under allowed such petty concerns as the Laws of Probability to influence their music. Which they don’t and almost certainly never will as that would allow their creativity to be tarnished by normality; and Under are about as far from being normal, humdrum and mundane as it’s humanly possible to be. And that boys and girls is exactly why you need to listen to Under, because who in their right mind would ever want to be normal? Listen to the tiny voices that gnaw away at the inside of your head and lose yourself in Stop Being Naïve… Tim Cundle

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