Morgoth – Ungod

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Morgoth – Ungod CD (Century Media)
Excruciating death metal of undeniable qualities – this is no exaggeration! ‘Ungod’ instantaneously gives off a soundtrack ushering crushing metallic weight and uncanny old-school vibe, solid, heavy and equally as brutal. There aren’t many bands playing this style of metal, to this quality, and keeping the songs and (all important) rhythms prominent, it is that potency which gives Morgoth their shear power. A technically precise and intensely crushing deliverance sees ‘Ungod’ carve an interesting addictiveness as the tempos unfold around the ferocious soundtrack. This is metal through and through with solid riffing and heavy duty drumming, all topped with devilishly sadistic vocals – nasty but nice. With numerous thrashy paced sections (but thankfully not inciting a wall of indecipherable noise so many seem to think is the key to being brutal) and frequent slower guitar breakdowns, the mix that Morgoth has concocted, has flavoured their intensities to a very high calibre. Anyone craving the recent DTA tour / shows should really place their money on a Morgoth ticket, as these Germans do it way better. I dare say even Chuck would be proud…? Mark Freebase

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