Madball – For the Cause (Nuclear Blast)

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Faith.  The Oxford Dictionary defines it as being the complete trust in someone or something and the strong belief in religious doctrine based on spiritual conviction. And faith is, and can be, many things to different people.  Some put theirs in the hands and whims of a supreme being, while others choose to wholeheartedly embrace science and empirical fact and data and there are even individuals for whom an all-consuming confidence in the ability of their species to do the right thing is enough. I however, as I don’t believe that either my fellow man or a Universal omnipotence have anyone but their own best interests at heart and having, at best, a rudimentary understanding of quantum physics, rejected all of those options and instead chose Hardcore as the vessel  into which to pour my faith.

While it hasn’t always been an easy road to travel down, every now and then Hardcore rewards my devotion and belief with a record that makes my blood flow a little faster and adrenaline pump a little harder thanks to its instantly memorable sing-a-long choruses and songs that make you want to dance until every single muscle aches and every part of you hurts. For the Cause is one of those records. Chock full of metal heavy hardcore that effortlessly combines groove, power and fury and isn’t afraid to mash the go pedal through the floor when it needs to or ease up on the velocity when it isn’t called for, For the Cause is an NYHC meets Street Punk call to arms. Featuring guest appearances from Ice-T on Evil Ways and Tim Armstrong, who lends his voice to The Fog, For the Cause is everything that you want it to be and so much more besides.  I expected great things from Madball with this album and they have gone above and beyond the call of duty and far exceeded my wildest expectations and in doing so, have fully restored my faith.  All praise Madball, for their cause is right and their cause is just…  Tim Cundle

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