Spine – Faith (Bridge Nine)

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While I’d heard nothing but good things about Spine from the scene folks who know about that sort of thing, Faith was the first time that our (and by our, I obviously mean Spine and myself) paths had crossed. And the previously mentioned scenesters whose in-depth knowledge of all things Hardcore were right. Spine are good. In fact, Spine are really, really good. If the undisputed Kings of UKHC , Heresy, had spent their weekends headlining Sunday Matinees at CBGB’s instead of trawling their way around, and playing, every squat in Europe, then they would have sounded exactly like Spine. Faith is the record that the aforementioned UKHC speed demons would have released if they’d been a Youth Crew band influenced by Breakdown, Outburst and Spazz. Fast, raging, energetic Hardcore has found a new avatar to wield as weapon of Maximum Pit Destruction. And that weapon is called Spine…  Tim Cundle

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