Lay It on the Line – The Black Museum (Disconnect Disconnect)

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Remember the good old days when the fury, energy and anger of bands like Civilised Society, Symbol of Freedom and Nausea and their abrasive dual female and male vocal attacks tore the flesh from your bones and turned you into a slack jawed, startled yokel who could barely comprehend, let along even begin to understand, what you’d just heard without babbling incoherently with sheer joy? And remember how those bands, and others with the same shared front-person dynamic haunted your dreams for years to come and made you realise just how powerful punk could be when the playing field was truly level and equal? You do? Good, because so do Lay It on the Line, who have picked up where their progenitors left off, added a whole load of faster, nastier hardcore that’s equal parts NYHC and D-Beat and yet would be equally at home blasting out of a boombox at a skatepark and have let it all loose on the insightful, raging punk rock monster The Black Museum.  Thanks to Lay It on the Line, those happy hardcore days of righteous punk rock fun really are here again. Welcome to The Black Museum… Tim Cundle

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