Lancelot Lynx – No Time To Die


Lancelot Lynx – No Time To Die CD (The Leaders Group)
Crashing in with a bass rumble that Steve Harris would be jealous of is a sure way to grab any listener’s attention; and Irish trio Lancelot Lynx certainly do that. With a sound of solid heavy metal you know exactly what you are going to get with these chaps. The likes of ‘We Live The Life (We Rock)’ shows some hefty Di’anno/Maiden reverberation with an edge of technicality whilst cleverly dipping its toes in thrash metal waters – an intelligent mix to bring forth. The boys can certainly play, and the boys can write a tune, a real concrete thud with some crackin’ vocal deliveries, taking in traditional sounds without wallowing in nostalgia and rehash. For those with interest in the faster songs ‘Real Bastard’ will seal approval as its mid 80’s thrash tinge bellows imposingly. ‘Drifter’ is slower in pace but still has a lot in common with very early Metallica and Megadeth (not the crap both bands churn out these days) and that creates a real sense of stimulation and awe. ‘No Time To Die’ is in no way a monotone replica of trad-metal, the changing tones and tempos make sure of that and keep a real freshness to the sounds. It’s a good set of songs executed very well. Keep your eyes open for Lancelot Lynx as everything about this release reeks of quality classic metal. Mark Freebase

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