11 Paranoias – Stealing Fire From Heaven

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11 Paranoias – Stealing Fire From Heaven CD (Ritual Productions)
A totally millencolin fuzz of delicate swirling groove and uneasy ambience is best how to describe this album. To some it will be a total headfuck, a lethargic trance almost mournful lament that will have you drifting easily within deep thought. Drawing from early Pink Floyd psychedelia and kismet discontent the flows of rhythms collect to make a sincerely sophomore doom outing during ‘Paranoiditude (Beyond The Grave)’ whilst the jazz saxophone of ‘Surrealise’ adds a little more strangeness to the whole opus. 11 Paranoias are for in sighting thought – a calming tranquillity, they aren’t guna pump you full of life! With songs of considerable length and impeccable eccentricity it all adds to the bizarre experience. Listen to ‘Stealing Fire From Heaven’ in a dark room for a truly uplifting experience. Man, I think I’m trippin’!!! Mark Freebase

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