Korpiklaani – Noita

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Korpiklaani – Noita (Nuclear Blast)
You know all those bands who claim to have steel in their veins, iron in their hearts and who claim to follow the path of metal brotherhood and all the rest of that chest beating, macho rhetoric? Well, they could all take a leaf out of Korpiklaani’s book, because these guys, this band right here, they really do personify everything that makes heavy metal great. ‘Noita’ their ninth studio album is crammed full to bursting with songs that make you want to dance, drink and sing the night away; tunes that fire your spirit, lift your soul and make your blood pump. Sounding like the bastard offspring of Ensiferum and Skyclad charging into battle with a gore soaked sword forged by the gods of the NWOBHM, Korpiklaani are surely destined for metal glory, and ‘Noita’ is the weapon that they’ll use to smite all naysayers who stand in their way. Hail the conquering heroes… Tim Mass Movement

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