Kontinuum – Kyrr


Kontinuum – Kyrr (Candlelight)
When I was young and only just about to explore the wonderful world of music, thanks ­lists in records and cd\’s often mentioned unknown bands, who then fell victim to my insatiable thirst for more metal on my next run to the record store. Things work a bit differently these days with downloads and all. Facebook however is an amazing tool that offers the modern alternative to the old school thanks list. Via the profile of Iceland\’s Sólstafir, whom I love, I came across their, at that time unknown, fellow countrymen Kontinuum. Love at first sight! \’Kyrr\’ is as melancholic and dark as Sólstafir, but has a Joy Division angle to it which even takes you deeper into the human psyche. It is sombre, close to ancient Gothic ­rock, and touches just about every emotion humans can have, as long as there\’s a tear involved. The album is partially sung in English, partially in Icelandic. I love the Icelandic songs more as they can take me deeper into the music, with the vocals as an instrument, as I am not trying to find meaning to the words as much. My lack of knowledge of this beautiful language makes me soar in the midnight sky. Never, not even in my wildest dreams, did I think that my ignorance could really be bliss. Martijn Welzen

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