Kirkz – Unregrettable

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Kirkz – Unregrettable CD (TNS)
This Macclesfield punk/ hardcore band have been going for almost 18 years would you believe. That does still mean that the band is in the adolescent phase, as can be heard on opening song \”Buenos Dias Motherfuckers\”, where you are introduced to the \”greatest band in the world, four fucking dudes, we are the Kirkz\”. Although the band might seem to take a light-hearted approach on the basis of the first song, the music is certainly no joke, and the lyrics do tend to be on the more serious side of things, with songs like \”Tanks and Machinery\” dealing with the subject of war. Musically this is mostly up-tempo hardcore-punk, but they are not afraid to slow things down slightly on more anthemic tunes like \”Last Orders\”, or on the skank-tastic \”1998\”. Vocals are a good blend of shouted and sung passages. You can tell that the Kirkz have put a lot of work into this album and that effort has paid off, great job Macclesfield! Available on limited-press CD or on a pay-what-you-like Bandcamp, so really there\’s no excuse not to go check this one out. Tom Chapman

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