King Nine – Death Rattle (Closed Casket Activities)

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If you’ve ever drifted into the small hours of the morning wired on a combination of cheap beer and industrial tar strength coffee wondering just who it was that put the hard in Hardcore, then brothers and sisters, it’s time to add another name to the list of bands who made the cut. King Nine from Long island aren’t just hard, these cats are heavy too and push the metal front and centre in their beatdown driven, rhythmic Hardcore that takes its cue from Sheer Terror, Madball, Rykers and Cold As Life.  Making the sort of music that makes me think that they’d happily drag you, me and everyone else into a back-alley and then shiv us all for protesting while they stole everything we owned, King Nine are then kind of band who make Hardcore sound exciting and more than a little dangerous again,; just like it used to. Who put the hard in Hardcore? King Nine, that’s who… Tim Cundle

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