Deadpressure – S/T (Carbonized Records)

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When society eventually collapses and the planet cracks wide open extinguishing all life in a furiously brutal split second of suffering, pain and anguish, the soundtrack that will usher in the long awaited apocalypse will undoubtedly be provided by Deadpressure.  Deadpressure, their self- titled debut long player, is composed of a plethora of grinding powerhouse odes to the uglier things in life that, by design, appeals to and forms an instant connection with the broken, maladjusted and disenfranchised. If Neurosis were smashed into an Extreme Noise Terror shaped metal box that was then blasted by twenty thousand volts of nuclear produced current, the resultant explosion of flesh, steel, bone and amplified destruction would sound exactly like Deadpressure.  In other words, it\’s glorious… Tim Cundle

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