Kane’s Scary Tales Volume 1 – Paul Kane – (Things in the Well)

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\"\"We’ve all read books of fairy tales and watched movies about them on TV. Some were Disney versions that took much of the darkness out of the original stories in order to mass market them. Others were intentionally crafted to add the darkness back into the stories in order to scare the pants off of the audience. Well folks, Kane’s Scary Tales Volume 1 is part of the latter category, thankfully. If you’re just as sick of beautiful princesses and comically evil witches and wizards, Paul Kane has the book you’ve been looking for. They’re bloody, gritty and, pardon my language, fucked up. Since those are the criteria I look for in a good (or great) book, I thoroughly enjoyed reading these stories. From the abused version of Snow White, which includes some monstrously awesome dwarves, to the zombified Sleeping Beauty, through a tale about a Prostitute named Ella whose street name is Sindy, going on to Who’s Been? whose bears are, perhaps, lycanthropes, ending with a secret lab full of possibly-partly-human creatures in Giants… Blood is guaranteed, death is certain and a feral enjoyment is definitely on the books. If you don’t read these Scary Tales with a demented glint in your eye, you’re probably not getting, and missing, the point. Jim Dodge

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