Johnny Moped – It\’s A Real Cool Baby LP/ CD (Damaged Goods)

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So every once in a blue moon, Johnny Moped wakes up out of his slumber, takes one look at the state of the music world around him, shakes his head and gets the old troops together for one more blast. Blissfully ignorant of any musical trends that have taken place since the mid 70\’s, Johnny Moped bashes out 16 songs of blistering (proto) punk rock on this new album. You can\’t call this retro as this is simply the way music should be. Stripped down pounding rock\’n\’roll with spit\’n\’venom just like the old Chiswick records days, chock full of guitar melodies and chorus-lines to remember. With songs averaging the two-and-a-half minute mark there\’s no time for navel gazing and the energy level is kept at high voltage throughout. Last year\’s single \”Ain\’t No Rock\’n\’Roll Rookie\” promised great things to come and this album delivers the goods, and then some. Tom Chapman



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