BL’AST! / Eyehategod – Split 7” Single (Rise Records)

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One track each from these two legends. It’s exactly what you would expect. BL’AST rip through ‘Cut Your Teeth’ – the first song written with the new line-up (featuring Nick Oliveri on bass no less) sounding just as crucial as they did on ‘Power of Expression’ and ‘It\’s in My Blood’ but with an urgency and vitality that belies the age of this band. Southern Sludge Meisters Eyehategod  mirror BL’AST! with their offering ‘The Liars Psalm’; molasses thick and slower than a slow thing in slow town with an undercurrent of Hardcore underpinning the rumbling Sabbath drenched riffing and Mike IX Nine’s depression soaked vocal Class.  Ian Pickens


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