Jim Threat & The Vultures – Afraid Of The Dark 7\” (Dr Strange)


It\’s not that often that Dr Strange will release something by a brand new band so this one had me intrigued. Well it didn\’t take much digging to discover that this band is fronted by Jim from UK82 punk band The Threats who had a string of releases on Dr Strange throughout the 2000s, so the old connections are there. The band powers through this four track EP – each song is well under the three minute mark so they keep things simple, focusing on writing catchy little anthems. For the most part this is melodic punk rock that brings to mind The Damned or Dirt Box Disco, but they up the tempo on \”Pyschlemania\” bringing in a touch of GBH. All the tracks are well written and benefit from a strong production making this a cracking release. Tom Chapman


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