Hoiter Dipoiter – Mit Dem Kopf Durch Die Wand (Spirit Of The Streets)


Here\’s the latest contenders for the German oi! crown. Hoiter Dipoiter go for that metallic oi! sound that is pretty much \”made in Germany\” as popularised by bands like Troopers, Toxpack, Berliner Weisse and countless others. Nowadays there are plenty of bands influenced by those sounds but it feels like this time around Hoiter Dipoiter have put in the extra mile when putting this album together. The sound is powerful yet raw and complements their sound. The key ingredients here are singalong choruses and solid guitar melodies, with a heavy rhythm section powering the machine. This is actually less metallic than I anticipated despite the double-bass drumming that powers throughout, at times reminding me of Loikaemie without exactly sounding like them. Having said that this is closer to Judas Priest than the 4 Skins and so it does fit in with that whole German street rock style that is massively popular. The CD comes well packaged in a digipack with booklet, and fans of the genre shouldn\’t hesitate in adding this one to their collection. Tom Chapman


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