Headsticks – Feather & Flame (DIY/ STP Distribution)

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Many moons ago folk punk didn\’t make you think of the likes of Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly but instead conjured up images of free festivals, dreadlocks and the likes of The Levellers or Blyth Power. Well I don\’t know about the gigs they play and there don\’t seem to be any dreads growing here, but Headsticks take me back musically to those bands that were playing up and down the UK in their heyday in the late 80\’s to mid 90\’s. As well as picking up a musical style that not many bands play nowadays, Headsticks are also about reviving the protest song. Some songs are more politically driven, others more personal, but they have mastered the art of storytelling through song. Musically the worlds of punk and folk are inextricably intertwined; at times it\’s a laid back acoustic affair and at others the band picks up the tempo and isn\’t afraid to rock out. The musicianship is top notch across the board, with vocalist Andrew Tranter adding the icing on the cake with his melodic vocal style. Well worth checking out. Tom Chapman


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