Jettblack – Disguises


Jettblack – Disguises CD (Cherry Red)
If you were to draw up a list of UK rockers who deserved a shot at the big time, then High Wycombe quartet Jettblack would certainly be included. Their third album ‘Disguises’ drives home a solid set of rockin’ tunes and continues to carry their presence amongst the world of modern day rock. Elements of a harder Motley Crue can be heard during most of the album content whilst a Metallica tinge can be felt quite easily amongst ‘Kick In The Teeth’. Now having said that, Jettblack do not sound like a carbon copy of anyone, these guys seem to take cutting elements of favourites and mash them up to concoct their own supercharged roller coaster ride. Clear but powerful vocals, with plenty of good guitar work, riffs that hang heavy in your cranium, and choruses that could ignite any form of crowd… it’s only a matter of time before Jettblack gain the recognition they deserve. The presence of a great mix, along with fiery attitudes instantly appeals to those who crave the hooks, along with those who crave the rock; and to be honest you will take an instant liking to ‘Disguises’ as it’s an album of perfectly brewed essentials. Mark Freebase

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