Impellitteri – Venom


Impellitteri – Venom CD (Frontiers)
With an aptly titled album that demonstrates nothing but shear vigour, the 80’s whiz-kid guitarist engages in some manic fretwork and super speedy riffmongery. Fast and solid, technical and complex, yet highly energised. Chris Impellitteri blows any form of lacklustre clean from the air with his rapid servings of Helloween meets Annihilator aftershock. Rob Rock perfectly compliments the execution of the ten tracks on offer throughout ‘Venom’ and his paced, yet melodic overture clearly embeds itself within the bands sound. Those in awe of the faster edge will undoubtedly embrace the shredding technicalities and solid riff structure here, but the overall balance demonstrated within the song structure dictates the qualities of probably the hardest release via the Frontiers Records label. Thrashers, rockers, and plain old metalheads are guna love this album. Mark Freebase

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