It Ruined My Life & Ssssssh, It\’s A Secret…. Nuclear Oath

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Ahh where to start. I’d have to say the day I stopped playing football at an elite level was the day I thought there was nothing left for me. I began working and never really knew what life had in store for me. Football was all I focused on through out my teens and early twenties it was all I knew I thought I was sure to go pro haha but hey we all had dreams, right? I never saw me doing anything else, until it was all over and it take long for reality to hit me and show me it was time to grow up because I really didn’t have anything. The title of this may be it ruined my life, but honestly I\’d never go back to those days. I had no responsibilities other than making it to practice on time and being ready come game time and when I wasn’t playing football all I did was partied, that was all that was important to me, all I cared about was where the next party was or if I had enough money to buy the next case.

Back then, I never thought I’d be living the life I do now. I have two amazing sons (3 year old and a 1 year old) and a beautiful supporting girlfriend. That I would never change for the world. They are my life. They are what is important to me and I will do whatever it takes to provide them a good life and healthy life. I’ve grown a new passion for music although I’ve been playing guitar since I was young I didn’t really get into it until about 5 years ago, and it is now what I dedicate almost all my free time to. Of course When I’m not with my family or working my current career. This band has brought me so much joy and excitement to my life and to be part of something so unique is incredible it has also busted me out of my shell I remember our first show I was so nervous I stood in one spot for the entire set. Now there is never enough room on the stage for all of us ha,ha because I’m running everywhere. These guys are my second family. We all have an awesome relationship which helps us to continue moving forward with our passion. And we plan to take it as far as we can go. We have met so many incredible people. And played so many awesome venues in this short time. I am just glad I can be part of this amazing journey so hold on to your tits because we have so many insane plans for the future. And We can not wait to share them with all you crazy fuckers. So get ready because. We are just getting started!!!”  Zack Brandham

Zack is the guitarist for Medicine Hat Metal band Nuclear Oath. They will be releasing their Full Length Album “Toxic Playground” on June 9th 2017 across all online digital platforms. They can be seen at this years Loud As Hell Festival in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada.


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