Ill Fate – Times Got Tough (Self Released)

With melodic hardcore guitar, double speed drums and lyrics that claim “I was acting like a fucking dick,” you’d forgive me for thinking I’d hit play on a California punk band who’d hit their peak in the 90s. To my surprise, Ill Fate are actually from Cardiff and this is their debut EP Times Got Tough.

What you get here are 5 tracks that would soundtrack a teenage street urchin having a cheeky can of Skol and a one-skinner around the back of the local skate park. Intentions do get more serious with songs like Strong and Stable, but these boyos’ main focus is fun, fun, fun.

Whilst this kind of rock ‘n’ roll isn’t my bag, one thing’s for sure; there’s absolutely no-one to my knowledge doing this brand of pop(ish) punk in South Wales. The last I recall were young upstarts Rezmo and None The Wiser circa 2000 (and something). The band may be swimming against the tide in 2017 but that will bother them not. They play to their influences and will proudly fly a two finger salute at current fashions or trends.

If you miss NOFX and Pennywise in their prime, then Ill Fate are the band for you. Ginge Knievil

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