I.N.C. – Black Hearse Serenade


I.N.C. – Black Hearse Serenade CD (Ferocious Records)
As Obi Wan would say “now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a very long time…” for me, personally, it was the crushing thrash monster that created 1988’s ‘The Visitor’, the band that then seemingly slipped out of range along with so many other thrash metal classics. Indestructible Noise Command has now returned with another (their 4th album to date) toughened outing sounding a heck of a lot like an amped-up Pantera! A slight departure from the sounds of the past, this time opting for a more contemporary hit; but yet infused with some lovely thrash metal connotations still. With guitar work highlighting furious riffs, and the speedily delivered vocal cries, it is the structure of the songs that paves the way for the newer soundings. ‘Black Hearse Serenade’ isn’t an older band bowing to the newer trends of metal; it is purely an older style combining the relevant particulars that add a little more depth to what could have become an average album. These guys could easily pinch some of Machine Head’s fans. Mark Freebase

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