Hot Water Music – Light It Up (Rise Records)

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Arriving late to the party is the story of my damn life. I get there in the end, it just takes me a while. So I guess things shouldn’t be any different with certain bands, and in this case, the band in question is Hot Water Music. I mean, I always kinda dug them and was into what they were doing but I never completely got them or understood why people used to flip out over them and their records. Hot Water Music were always good but I never thought that they really fully lived up to the hype generated by the cliquey scene who’s hot shit and who’s not whisper machine.  Until about three hours ago when I went ga-ga for Light It Up. Seamlessly blending Americana, blue collar rock’n’roll and anthemic punk rock, this is the record when everything that Hot Water Music is finally clicked inside my head and all of the praise that had, and is, heaped on them, finally made sense. They’re late night driving music for outsiders, malcontents and undesirables, they’re the spark that lights a flame deep inside and they’re the resultant fire that reminds you that no matter how shitty things get, sometimes life can also be really good.  Like I said, I may have arrived a little late, but I got there in the end… Tim Cundle

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