X Devour X – Defiant Until the End (Ugly & Proud)


Lace up your Reebok Hi-Tops, pull on your Champion shorts, crack open the marker pens , X yourself up and hit the pit like you own that shit. Make it your own and ensure that every sucker in there with you knows that you’re the sister or brother to follow as it moves anti-clockwise.  That’s how X Devour X do things and that’s what their groove powered, metal –core makes you (and by you, I of course mean me) want to do every single time you spin Defiant Until the End. I’m not xSxEx, never have been and I’m a bit long in the tooth to devote myself to it these days, but I’ve always been a sucker for Straight Edge HC, and while they’re little chuggier in the guitar department than the usual Edge crews I lose my mind over, X Devour X have still got that mysterious ‘xSxEx factor’, that drags me to ‘em like a moth to flame.  X up and hit play. It’s go time… Tim Cundle

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