Helloween – My God-Given Right

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Helloween – My God-Given Right CD (Nuclear Blast)
The innovators of German power metal return with their fifteenth studio album in thirty years! Not a bad effort at all. Opening cut ‘Heroes’ gives a first impression that the Hamburg born quintet may be trying something a little different, as the speed and vocal tone are not instantly brand recognisable; but as soon as the intro to ‘Battle’s Won’ (track two) screams from within the speakers it’s back to business as usual – fast paced melodies, musically and vocally. The metallic guitars ring through just as you’d expect, the vocals manifest a positive drive, and the melodies of the actual songs will without fail leave audiences and fans worldwide revelling in the joyous atmospherics. Sing out loud and rock along hard, that is how this band have carved a sound for itself, and I personally can’t help but feel a little of the early day vibe amongst these tunes. Fans of the first three records, or those that lost a little faith in anything released after, should really check this album out… you will be pleasantly surprised. ‘My God-Given Right’ is nothing new, but then again would you really want Helloween to change their style? Mark Freebase

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