Entrails – Obliteration

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Entrails – Obliteration CD (Metal Blade)
Fans of OSDM (that’s Old School Death Metal) will have already been lapping up the resonance of this Swedish band. The early 90’s Stockholm sound runs prominently through their blood and the dark vocal overtone keeps a distinctively demonic feel. ‘Obliteration’ sees the band delivering a harder and possibly harsher sound than previous releases, yet without straying too far from the very distinctive vibe constructed since the 2009 ‘Reborn’ demo. With every single song title you will get the idea of exactly what ‘Obliteration’ is addressing, and thankfully it sticks to old school values. Fans of (early) Entombed will love this whilst critiques of death metal will applaud the clarity from the over-all production. Had this band been around a decade earlier you would no doubt see them mention alongside many of the luminaries. Entrails are like ten tonnes of sledgehammer smashing through your stereo. Mark Freebase

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