Hawkins Thugs – Working Class Lager Lads 7\” (Contra)

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I remember last year when one of my pals with the surname of Hawkins spied a shirt for sale by this band and he had to snap it up – I\’m glad to say the music matches his tastes exactly! This Basque Country band have perfected the \”Chiswick 77\” style that has been replicated time and time again by the likes of The Templars, Evil Conduct, Pennycocks or The Cliches. They keep the beat alive at a bouncing pace, using a relatively clean guitar sound to bash out those classic rock\’n\’roll riffs and lead guitar licks. They also go for the gruff but melodic vocal style that fans of the above bands will be familiar with. There\’s not a lot to add here, this is executed with style and passion, sounding fresh without straying too far from that traditional sound. Bootboy tunes and street sounds from the Basque Country. Tom Chapman


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