Harrington Saints – 1000 Pounds of Oi! (Contra/ Pirates Press)


I don\’t think there is anyone who is into oi! oi! music that won\’t have a massive grin on their faces upon learning that a new Harrington Saints album is about to drop. For the past decade they have been fine-tuning their sound and on this album that style shines though. As the title suggests, this is definitely on the heavier side of the genre – no \”sugar oi!\” here – no way. The vocals are barked, relentless and uncompromising with Darrel Wojick leading his Saints as they hammer their way through the tracks.

Taking cues from their rock\’n\’roll roots, the Harrington Saints know when to get their heads down and pound out the sound, but also when to explore here and there, slinging in some blistering guitar work and even bringing the piano in when the time is right. I can also hear touches of a bootstomping glam influence and sometimes the vocals have a hardcore touch to their delivery, so although you might think the album title paints their sound into a corner, there is definitely more to the Harrington Saints than meets the eye.

 Lyrically there is a LOT of politics on here and I think it is pretty cool that here we have a band prepared to stand up for what they feel is right, or indeed wrong and rotten to the core in their country in 2019. There\’s not a lot of love for the right wing, for Fox news, for the pro-gun lobbyists or for prejudice in general. On the other hand, there is a lot of love of beer, punk rock and having a good time, and that good time is exactly where you\’re gonna be after giving this fine album a spin or ten. Tom Chapman

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