Clowns – Nature/ Nurture (Fat Wreck)

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Clowns from Melbourne, Australia are one of those bands that have been on my radar for some time now, but this is the first time I’ve properly checked them out, and I’m glad I did. On their fourth album, Clowns combine pop-punk melodies with hardcore ferocity in equal measures. Opener “Bland is The New Black” sets the tone for the album, launching with a scream before settling into an uptempo rhythm and a killer tune. The songs follow thick and fast and honestly there is such a sense of urgency in the deliver that on tracks like Nature you are left short of breath at the end.

For points of reference think of the likes of The Movielife or Paint It Black, bands that didn’t worry about fitting into this or that sub-category but played their music with passion and power. Musically these guys are also right at the top of their game, with some amazing guitar work thrown in throughout and a rhythm section not afraid to mix things up here and there. The name might suggest otherwise, but Clowns are deadly serious when it comes to delivering the goods. Tom Chapman

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