The Stance – S/T 7\” (Contra)

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Do you remember when a band like Negative Approach evolved into something called the Laughing Hyenas and switched the hardcore intensity for something altogether darker and deeper? Or when Paul Bearer hung up the Sheer Terror gloves in favour of brawling under the Joe Coffee monicker? Well that is pretty much the feel that I get from this debut EP from US east coast outfit The Stance.

Sometimes a band can fight their urges to deliver some primitive bluesy rock\’n\’roll for only so long, but as with the examples mentioned above, ultimately you gotta cave in and give into what the heart desires. Brassknuckle Boys or Bonecrusher are a couple more great examples of bands that take the hardcore-punk-oi! sound, then twist and bend the rules to make it suit them, rather than adapting to fit the genre.

The Stance pretty much sound like they have carted their gear out of the grime of the city, dumped it on the back of a pickup and driven until they landed in the middle of nowhere, turned everything up to eleven and rocked the fuck out. No sleep, no food, just a liquid diet of coffee, beer and whiskey with dust and grime bouncing off the strings and drum skins as they pound their way through these four songs. You can tell they haven\’t left the city behind as songs like No New Breed suggest – the concrete and asphalt will always live within. This is a mean ugly beast that comes with at you in the shape of a sweet four song EP. Tom Chapman

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