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The Superheroes Monthly #1: When I was about seven years old, my brother got me into comics and this black and white British magazine which reprinted the best of DC’s output over the years was my first exposure to US comics since this was before the days of comic shops for me

DC Comics Presents #28: I was a DC reader from when I was little and this book which teamed up Superman with the coolest DC characters was one of my favourite books as a kid. The Jim Starlin Starman stories in this book and the Mongul adventures were some of the ones that stuck in my mind too which is why I picked this issue.

New Teen Titans #3: Along with DC Comics Presents, this was a book that I read religiously as a kid. Wolfman and Perez were a brilliant team and they managed to make superheroes fun and exhilarating.


Justice League Of America #200: I loved anniversary issues as a child and this one had some of the finest artists working in comics at the time including Brian Bolland, Joe Kubert and George Perez. Just a fun exciting superhero adventure story

Manhunter: I came to this a number of years after it was first published and I first read it in this single issue reprint which was published in 1984. Having read his Thor, I wanted to see more of his work and this series doesn’t disappoint. Even though some of his art is primitive, I was struck by just how brilliantly Goodwin and him worked together. It is still one of my favourite comic book adventure stories of all time.

Swamp Thing  #40: I came into Moore’s run late but I remember picking this up and being blown away by seeing something I hadn’t seen before in my comics. He handled the horror in a way that appealed to my fourteen year old brain and I was hooked.


Mighty Thor #337: I bought DC but I borrowed Marvel books from my brother. The first issue of Walt Simonson’s Thor made a huge impact on me as a kid and he is a creator who I have followed ever since. There was a dynamism and an excitement to this book which he has managed to replicate in many things I read from him ever since

Hellblazer #1: Speaking of Swamp Thing again, I bought the first issue of this book and I was compelled to keep picking it up. I always liked Constantine in Swamp Thing and Delano really fleshed out the character. Ridgeway was a good choice as artist too.

Watchmen #1: Another Alan Moore book. I was only thirteen here and again it was a comic like no other I had seen before. Gibbons’ art with John Higgins’ colouring hit me like a bolt from the blue and I had to see how the series developed.

Dark Knight Returns Book One: Just like Watchmen, this offered something I had never encountered before too. I hadn’t read Ronin or his Daredevil run but Dark Knight Returns was amazing. It made me a fan of his work from the first page I saw of the first issue of this.


Joel Meadows is the editor of Tripwire

His new book Masters of Comics is published on June 4th by Insight Comics and is available for pre-order here  

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