Greazy Ratz – Ironic: The Best Of… (Self Released)


South Wales answer to Peter and the Test Tube Babies? Quite possibly. Kicking things off with an infectious ode to Albert Squares resident alcoholic skinhead ‘Phil Mitchell’, da Greazy Ratz spit out 11 tracks of catchy old school Punk/Oi with musical nods to the Damned, Pistols & Rejects and lyrical resemblances to the aforementioned Test Tube Babies, the Macc Lads and the Toy Dolls. I’m sure some people will raise their eyebrows at the politically incorrect lyrics to ‘PPP’ (Ah The Stoneleigh nightclub in Porthcawl…) and ‘Ray’ (the almost certainly true story of a Ratz entourage visit to Scotland that ended with one of the party suffering from a bad case of Pox), but that would be entirely missing the point of GR. They’re not trying to change the world or even worry about the sorry state of it; this is heads down, have a laugh Punk Rock. So park your politics and enjoy some rodent rock. Conan Troutman


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